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  • Timely and timeless in its deft exploration of a family in crisis, SOMEBODY'S DAUGHTER pulls you in to the story and makes you think at the same time. Guaranteed to create thought-provoking book club discussions!

    Anita Hughes
    Bestselling Author of Christmas In London
  • Gripping and poignant, Somebody’s Daughter is that novel that you can’t stop reading, and then can’t stop thinking about afterwards. With vivid characters and an all too real storyline, the novel looks unflinchingly at the world of cyber sexual harassment and the devastating consequences that a few moments of stupidity can have for a teenager. The novel forces us to examine our own judgements, and to look to empathy as we navigate our children through this harsh new world. A must read for any parent. I loved this book.

    Sally Hepworth
    International Bestselling Author
  • It would be easy to say ‘read this book if you or someone you know is clinically depressed,’ but that would be shortchanging both Weinstein and her work. I say: read this book if you love a compelling, deeply human story.

  • Weinstein hooked me with her first novel, and The Mourning After has made me a fan for life. She has that rare ability to hook you from chapter one, keep you turning the pages, and then continue to think about the characters long after you have put the book down. It takes an exceptionally talented writer to weave a real but little-known disease like GSD into a novel, and yet use it in a way that only advances the story and enhances her characters.

    James Grippando
    NYTimes Bestselling Author
  • Compelling...What We Leave Behind's twists and turns generate real tension, and Weinstein renders Jessica's feelings with enough complexity that her ultimate decision carries emotional weight...[Weinstein] tells a good love story.

    Kirkus Review
  • A compelling story about young love, betrayal, miscommunication, and most importantly - mental illness. The honest and open way in which this novel explores depression is refreshing....engrossing, thought-provoking...unputdownable read. I would happily recommend Where We Fall to fans of women's fiction.

    A Bookish Way of Life
  • A heart-wrenching tale of loss, loyalty, and the will to overcome....Weinstein explores the difficult facets of grief that are often too painful to recognize, the solipsism of mourning, the selfishness of regret, and the guilt of moving on....Ultimately, this novel full of mourning has a large, aching heart full of sympathy and potential, and will keep the reader listening for signs of restored life.

    Kirkus Review
  • What We Leave Behind is a first novel I highly recommend. This is honest, powerful writing at its best, targeted especially at any woman who has ever wondered what might have been

    James Grippando
    NYTimes Bestselling Author
  • Worth Getting in Bed For? Yes. The story is riveting... Weinstein tackles an important subject with the focus on depression and mental illness. The attention paid to the manifestation and treatment was thorough and heartbreaking. The characters all suffer from being human and at times may have done something unlikable, but Weinstein still manages to make them relatable and therefore forgivable.

    Worth Getting In Bed For
  • Weinstein is able to write about the complexity of mental illness with such a delicate hand that your heart filled with compassion for the family as a whole...gripping with fierce emotions, you will find it is the realistic aspect of humanity within a broken family that makes Where We Fall a novel that you will love to hate, and hate to love. Either way, it deserves to be read.

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