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Praise For...

  • What We Leave Behind is a compelling voice for women who struggle with secrets from their past.

    Rosa St. Claire
    The Examiner
  • Each word of What We Leave Behind invokes raw emotion as we are brought deeper into the soul of a woman that can be any of us. This moving story will echo strongly with any woman who has had to face love and loss, life and death, and everything in between

    Wendy Stone
    Long Island Woman
  • A genre of what I’d call ‘chick lit but not’, because this had so much depth and heart. Filled with heartache, first loves, lost loves, motherhood, marriage, pining, obligations and wonder; this book offered something for all women who enjoy a good read with a heaping dose of romance. Weinstein has a knack for creating realistic scenes, likeable characters, good plot twists and a nicely drawn out ending. Four Stars.

    The Good Book Fairy
    Laura Margolin
  • From the moment I turned the page, I was immediately drawn into Jessie’s world. The story was intricately woven with the lives of Jessie, Jonas and Marty. What We Leave Behind is a simple yet such a poignant tale of life, love, the choices we make and the result of those choices.

    Pia Bernardino
    So Many Books, Here’s Mine