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The Mourning After


How far are you willing to go to protect someone you love? 

Levon Keller only has his restricted license and should not be driving when his older brother David calls and pleads for him to come pick him up from a local party.  What ensues is a horrific accident which leaves the older brother dead.  As the family painfully attempts to recover from this devastating loss, Levon is forced to accept the blame and intolerable cruelty of his grieving parents, all while caring for a younger sister with a rare genetic disease. When Lucy Bell, a captivating teenager, moves in with her family next door, Levon is immediately drawn to her beauty, allure, and wisdom.  The two develop a special friendship and help each other in unexpected ways. In this moving story of a family’s deepest tragedy, follow the Keller family as they uncover truths, rebuild, and realize that when it comes to family, nothing is ever what it seems. 

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